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"It's like angels dancing across your tongue with every bite!" 

Experience a culinary masterpiece that feels like a symphony on your palate! This year, we're thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Sunny Side Up, a local farm renowned for its commitment to quality. Together, we're bringing you a limited selection of locally raised turkeys that promise to be the highlight of your holiday table!


When these birds arrive at our doorstep, they undergo a transformation that can only be described as  'Tommy G magic.' Our team works their magic, infusing these turkeys with an explosion of irresistible flavors through expert smoking. The result? A turkey that's nothing short of extraordinary – a delectable masterpiece of smoked perfection, ready to grace your dining table.


Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your holiday feast and join us in savoring the taste of local, handcrafted excellence this holiday season!



(roughly 10-15lbs each)



A deposit of $50 is required to reserve your turkey. Upon pick up, you will pay your remaining balance based on the actual weight of the product.  



You can pick up your pre-ordered products starting FRIDAY 11/17 at Tommy G’s, during normal business hours (10:30am-6pm). 




Please leave quantity at 1 unless you are intending to buy more than one turkey. This is just a deposit. 

Tommy G's Smoked Turkey (DEPOSIT) $11.25/lb